Script WritingWhether it's an on-hold message, voice prompts, radio or TV commercial, corporate/industrial narration, web page, or PowerPoint Presentation, they all share the same be effective and engaging.  It all starts with a well written script.

Business owners often take on the task of scriptwriting themselves, or will delegate the task to a staff member.  This rarely results in copy that is enticing or engaging.  It takes the expertise of an experienced writer to create copy that effectively delivers a marketing message, raises brand awareness or generates revenue that adds to the bottom line.  The result of not utilizing a professional writer is often an ineffective script that leads to a equally ineffective marketing campaign.

AQ Productions has a team of professional and experienced scriptwriters that will put your message into engaging words.  The result is professionally written copy that will effectively deliver your message to your target audience.

We offer a variety of professional writing services, including: scriptwriting, editing, proofreading, rewriting and language translation services.  Ask us for details on how to put our professional scriptwriting team to work for your business.
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