On-Hold Programs

Caller abandonment is the number one cause of lost customers. AQ Productions will keep your callers on the line with useful information about your business, products and services. Inform, educate and motivate callers waiting to talk with you.  Use this time to build brand awareness and enhance your company image. You might be surprised at the amount of time your customers spend waiting on hold on an average day.  If you're not making use of this accumulated hold time, you're missing out on marketing opportunities for your company.

On-hold messaging is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with people. The presence of an on-hold program conveys a professional image...and gives you the opportunity to improve customer retention and increase sales.

We service nearly one-hundred different industries; from large corporations to small, privately owned and operated businesses - from single to multi-location sites.  Our on-hold programming packages are custom designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

Whether you have a traditional on-site Public Branch Exchange (PBX) or Key Service Unit (KSU/KTS) phone system, or an off-site hosted system (often referred to as Hosted IP, Cloud-Based, Virtual PBX, VoIP enabled or Hosted VoIP), we have an on-hold solution that will work for you.  Even if you're using off-the-shelf telephones from your local big box or office supply store, we can help!  We provide everything you need for a compelling on-hold program.  All our packages include scriptwriting, professional voice talent, licensed background music and on-hold playback equipment (if needed).

Contact AQ Productions today for a no-obligation strategy session and learn how on-hold messages can work for you.
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